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Sun Plaza Tsugaike


12840-146 Chikuniotsu, Otari Village, Kitaazumi County, Nagano Prefecture

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【car】About 80 minutes from Nagano Expressway Azumino IC
【Electric train】30 minutes by bus from JR Hakuba Station or 10 minutes by car from Hakuba-Oike Station

*We do not pick you up.Please understand.

■For rental, please contact the rental shop directly.
Rental shop"Cliff rental』\
Direct TEL 0261-71-5287

Located in the center of Tsugaike Highland

Access is convenient and you can spend your time comfortably.1 minute walk to Gondola Station
Gondola Station and Tsuganoyu Onsen are in a good location just across the road.
  • Customers arriving by car

    【Kanto area】
    ・Approximately 215km to Azumino IC Chuo Expressway and Nagano Expressway
    Omachi, about 70 minutes to Hakuba direction in Northern Alps Panorama Road Route 148 from Azumino IC

    ・Kan-Etsu Expressway about 204km Nagano IC Kan- Joshin-Etsu Expressway and Joshinetsu Expressway 162km.
    About 75 minutes from Nagano City Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort Hakuba / Nagano Olympic Road

    【Kansai area】
    ・Approximately 440km to Itoigawa IC Meishin Expressway / Hokuriku Expressway
    Itoigawa IC, take National Route 148 to Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort about 55 minutes.

    ・Approximately 420km to Azumino IC Meishin Expressway, Chuo Expressway, and Nagano Expressway
    Omachi, about 70 minutes to Hakuba direction in Northern Alps Panorama Road Route 148 from Azumino IC
  • Free parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis

    ・There is a free parking lot (behind the hotel / walk about 100m from the hotel).
    ・Parking reservations cannot be made.Please understand that it will be in order of arrival.
    ・We may guide you to a public parking lot depending on the snow conditions, parking conditions, etc.
    ・If you make a reservation via a travel agency (agency), a parking fee may be charged, so please contact the travel agency (agency).

    ■When you arrive, please park your car in front of the hotel and come to the front desk.
     We will guide you to the parking lot.
  • Customers arriving by train

    【Kanto area】
    ・Limited Express Super Azusa (for For Minami-Otari) Approximately 3 hours and 29 minutes.
    Hakuba Station take a bus to Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort.The fastest way to reach Nagano Station Hokuriku Shinkansen
    There is a highway bus from Nagano Station Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort (About 80 minutes)

    【Kansai area】
    ・It takes about 50 to 85 minutes from Shin-Kobe Station, Shin-Osaka Station, and Kyoto Station Nagoya Station Shinkansen
    It takes about 2 hours because it is a Limited Express Shinano from Nagoya Station Matsumoto StationMatsumoto Station, take the JR Oito Line and get off Hakuba Station (About 80 minutes)
    Hakuba Station, take a fixed-route bus to Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort.
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