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Chief chef wielded his arm"Mountain rice in the Northern Alps』\

A variety of dishes that use plenty of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu
We will entertain you with warm dishes.
  • An example of dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Drink

  • For those with food allergies

    <Please check in advance>
    Sun Plaza Tsugaike, we will do our best to ensure that customers with food allergies can enjoy their meals.
    Please check the details from the link and send us the inquiry sheet in advance.

Children's menu

Advance reservations are required for children sleeping together who wish to have kids' meals.
*We do not accept same-day reservations.
  • An example of a supper for young children

    For infants, we will prepare "Kids Meal".
    Elementary school children will prepare a few less dishes based on adult dishes.
    *The contents of the dishes change from day to day.Please understand.